About the brand

We are a new coming brand with designs for everyone. Working together with a Print on Demand Provider, makes it easier for us to focus on marketing and new designs. Our goal is to bring hoodies and t-shirts in good quality with our designs to all the people who like them. If there is not a single design you like, maybe come back another time when new designs are available. We hope to reach the taste from most of the people that are landing here on our website. Talking about we, I am running this website by myself and on top of that I make the designs. I hope you enjoy the products.

How it started

The story how I started is actually quite funny. I just started drawing something and somehow I got the idea to design hoodies. So I got started with it and I liked it. The designs turned out pretty nice to me and that's why I wanted to make more designs and sell them to everyone who likes them too.